Welcome To Dot-XXX Opposition

22 Nov

Upon first blush, a .xxx sTLD sounds like a brilliant idea.

But once one factors in the real world implications of such an easily blocked, censored, marginalized, and manipulated domain suffix, it becomes far less appealing.

When a business with no ties to the online adult entertainment industry decides to “protect” it by cornering the market, aggressively pushing for the domain, rewriting history, treating our representatives and press with marginal respect, brushing our concerns aside, charging $60 per registration — and telling us we’re lucky that the price is that low — even beer goggles don’t make it look kissable.

For these and other reasons, we believe that, in spite of panicked domain preregistrations, the voice of the industry is soundly raised in opposition to what would ultimately become Stuart Lawley and the ICM Registry’s company store.

The purpose of this website is to give “the other side” a soapbox upon which to stand while making its voice heard.

– Darklady


Dilute, Dilute — Not Okay!

04 Mar


I’m a big fan of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and have spent many an extended minute reading the rabbi’s opinionated labels reminding users to “Dilute! Dilute! OK!” This is wise advice, given the concentrated nature of the liquid in question. When applied to gTLDs, however, I believe dilution is the last thing most website and trademarks owners are looking for.

Yet, because there’s bucks to be presumably made shearing the fearful — our close personal friends at ICM Registry are introducing .Porn and .Adult to further line Stuart Lawley’s pockets and inspire adult brands to dig deeper in order to park or develop more sites on more domains.

What’s the point? Surfing for “free porn” does not equal wanting to surf to .Porn, let alone spend a dime while doing so. The tube sites should love these new frontiers, but I’m not so sure consumers or creators will be served by them.

.PORN and .ADULT Join .XXX to Form Unsexy Threesome for Brand Owners

“Yesterday marked the sunrise launch of the .porn and .adult generic top-level domains (gTLDs), which join .xxx in the top-level domain name space as gTLDs targeted mainly at online purveyors of adult entertainment.  As with .xxx, the introduction of these adult-themed gTLDs presents yet another annoyance for trademark owners already fatigued by the weekly onslaught of gTLDs introduced over the past couple of years pursuant to ICANN’s expansion of the domain name space.  Also as with .xxx, brand owners have some opportunities to defensively register .adult and .porn domain names early in the life of these new gTLDs.

ICM Registry, the operator of this titillating trifecta of gTLDs, intended that trademark owners who secured “blocking” registrations of .xxx domains would receive free matching registrations for corresponding domains in the .porn and .adult. (and the forthcoming .sex) gTLDs.  However, this plan fell through, and brand owners must once again pony up registration fees.  They generally have three options prior to general availability of .porn and .adult domains…”

Read more here.


The Charity Donations That Weren’t There

14 Jan

Shocked Face

This is my shocked face, because nobody — and I mean nobody — is more surprised than I am to learn that those vague but much ballyhooed $10 contributions to IFFOR, (The International Foundation for Online Responsibility) were more vapor than paper.

It can’t be because nobody really wants a .xxx domain, although many have fearfully parked them, and a few have actually launched a site on one. That would only land money in the pockets of ICM Registry, after all, and not promote the good that it so sincerely hopes to spread throughout the otherwise corrupt adult internet, right? What would lead us to believe such a Randian motivation could exist within such an otherwise exemplary organization?

– Darklady

The First Director of .IFFOR, Set Up By .XXX Registry; Clyde Beattie Resigns & The Money Went?

Clyde Beattie, who was one of the founders of the non-profit company set up by ICM the operator of the .XXX extension, IFFOR, (The International Foundation for Online Responsibility) which was set up as “a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing policies for Top Level Domains that maximize benefit to global Internet users, domain holders and domain registry operators.”   has left the association as of December 31, 2014.

When .XXX was approved by ICANN, $10 of every active (but not registered domain) was promised to go to the non-profit organization IFFOR to do charitable work.

Some thought (including me) that IFFOR would get $10 in addition to the $50 wholesale registration price of every .XXX domain registration

However someone, ok me again figured out that this was not the case, as you can read here, and here.

Read more at The Domains.


Between a Laugh and a Tear

17 Aug

Nothing to See Here

Sometimes ya don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Fortunately, in America we don’t need to choose; we can enjoy them together or separately. A prime example is the current battle of the titanic sphincters known as Patrick Trueman of Morality in Media and, well, you know who from you know where.

Trueman has gone whining to the very government he otherwise has little regard for because .XXX just isn’t popular enough with pornographers. We were all supposed to pack our bags and rush into the arms of that other guy and his shiny new online resort. But we didn’t. So he wants the feds to, like, do something about it.

There’s nothing new about the perpetual threat of legal action or for a rallying of the G-Men against the latest offenders of public morality. It’s just rare to see it turned against such a deserving target for such an ironic reason.

xBiz: Morality in Media Asks The Feds To Probe ICM Registry Over .XXX .Porn

According to, Morality in Media has called on federal authorities to probe ICM Registry after the operator of the .XXX TLD received initial approval for the .porn gTLD.

“The anti-porn group, led by Patrick Trueman, the former chief of the Justice Department’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity unit, said that the establishment of a .porn domain will increase the spread of online porn.”

“Trueman, who has asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the registry because it may be in violation of federal obscenity laws, says his group is angered over the way .xxx has evolved in its first 20 months.”

“”The .xxx domain advocates said these domains would solve the Internet’s porn problem with pornography companies leaving the .com domain and relocating on .xxx, making the rest of the Internet porn-free,” Trueman said. “But porn companies did not give up their .com sites and instead opened additional sites.”

Read more at The Domains.


85% of Registered .XXX Domains Lead Nowhere

10 Jul


by William Hughes Mearns

“Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today
I wish, I wish he’d go away…”

I’m not a math whiz, but when 85% of your registered domains don’t go anywhere, it’s hard not to think that either a lot of people are having a super hard time finding a webmaster or they only registered their .xxx domains in order to protect their brands.

Either way, it’s money in ICM Registry and Stuart Lawley’s pockets, so they sure aren’t shedding any tears over the uninhabited real estate. It’s not like they exist for the benefit of the adult entertainment industry or its fan base, after all.

IFFOR Publishes Two Years Of Tax Returns Showing 85% Of .XXX Domains Don’t Resolve

The International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) a not-for-profit organization which was set up as part of ICM application to operate the .XXX registry has now published on its site, its tax returns for 2011 and 2012.

In 2012 IFFOR had income of $267,740.

“This income is derived entirely from the $10 per resolving domain commitment that ICM Registry has made to fund IFFOR.”

“The increase of $58,880 in 2012 is due to an increase in the number of resolving dot-xxx domain names.”

In 2011 IFFOR had an income of $208,860.

“This income is derived entirely from the $10 per resolving domain commitment that ICM Registry has made to fund IFFOR.”

Read more here.


Will Porn Owe Its Soul to the Company Store?

15 Apr

    Sixteen Tons

“…You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store…”

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming, but what the hell. Besides, all your .xxx belong to ICM Registry.

– Darklady

.XXX Paid Search Engine Is Now Live

We just got an email from the ICM Registry that the .XXX paid Search Engine is now Live.

Search.XXX is a search engine for just sites using a .XXX domains and launched in September of 2012.

We told you back in February that .XXX had given each registrant of a .XXX domain name a credit which they could use to buy ads on the .XXX Search Engine when it went live.

Read more here.


Happy Birthday, .XXX — Too Bad Nobody Likes You

14 Dec

Ideally, a birth is a joyful event worth celebrating; whether it be the birth of a living creature or an idea.

The tragic reality is that many births are less than enthusiastically welcomed.

The December 6, 2011 birth of .XXX is a sad case in point.

Other than ICM Registry, who is genuinely excited — in a positive way — about the fact that .XXX is now available for sale to the general public?


This kid is going to grow up strange, assuming it lives long enough to grow up at all.

– Darklady

Opinion: XXX domains an obvious failure

(Mashable) – Is it just me or is the ICANN plan to corral online porn going terribly wrong? We already have reports that universities are snapping up XXX domains in an effort to get ahead of porn pranksters who want to besmirch a few good online names with smut.

I guess this turn of events was obvious to anyone with half a brain…

Read more here.

.XXX: The Hottest-Selling Unwanted Domains on the Web

Companies that have no interest whatsoever in Internet porn are lining up to purchase .xxx domains to protect their brands in what may be shaping up to be a debacle for ICANN. The group Morality in Media has even appealed to Congress to pass legislation that would give companies a say over the use of their names in the adult entertainment domain without having to buy protection…

Read more here.

ICM Registry / Go Daddy – .XXX – Denied My Trademark!

Today I received this from Go Daddy:

We are contacting you regarding your application for the domain name: DNFORUM.XXX

Unfortunately, we have been informed that your application has been determined to be invalid. Please be aware that the application fee is non-refundable…

Read more here.

Morality in Media Wants Congress To Make It A Crime To Register A .XXX Domain Matching Any Domain In Any Extension

Morality in Media (MIM) has called for Congress to make it a crime for anyone to register a domain name on the .xxx site that is registered on another domain without the consent of the owner of the other domain name.

In a statement, MIM President Patrick Trueman said, “Nearly every company in the world, every blogger, and the holders of any domain name must fear that the ICM Registry will allow their good name to be trashed on the .XXX domain unless they pay this ‘protection money’ to ICM Registry and its affiliated registrars.”

Read more here.

Morality in Media Calls for Federal Investigation of ICM Registry and All Involved in XXX Domain

News that the .XXX Domain is going live today caused Morality in Media to call for an investigation of ICM Registry, the company behind the .XXX Domain, for possible violations of federal laws prohibiting distribution of hard-core obscene Internet pornography.

Read more here.


Sorry, ICM Registry — Manwin’s Just Not That Into You

03 Dec

Look, ICM Registry… Stuart… I know I’ve said some harsh things about you in the past… and I’ve meant them. Still do, actually, but I also feel compelled to give you some advice.

I know I am not currently richer than my wildest dreams of avarice (which are pretty wild) and I’ve neither conquered Tokyo nor saved the earth from flying saucers, but I’ve got some experience with sex, relationships, and the adult entertainment industry. My ability to articulate that experience in an entertaining yet informative manner is one of the reasons “they” pay me the Big Bucks.

Plus, whether you or I or anyone else likes it or not, you are now a member of the adult entertainment industry. Your character, such as it is, will forever bear the sweet perfume of pornography. As someone who’s been around many of the blocks you’re hoping to rent space to in your magical porn site resort/retirement center/whatever, I feel compelled to help the New Kid out at least a little bit.

As sad as I know we both must feel about it, I’m not likely to run into you in a pub anytime soon, thus being unable to hash things out with you over liquor or hops, and then drunkenly become BFFs. Because of this great tragedy, I’m going to offer you some relationship advice here on this website, which I know you’re at least passing aware exists.

Here it is:

You need to get over Manwin. Seriously. I don’t know what kind of hanky panky you two may have gotten into before, but it looks like you’re not going to be passing each other in the hall and nodding knowingly anytime soon. Not if you can avoid it. Not without witnesses and/or cameras. Manwin is just not that into you.

There are lots of us who don’t plan to invest in your Sherman Antitrust Act legal challenge in the making. Some of us own a lot of web properties and some of us only own a few. Some of us have gotten our virtual .XXX tubes tied in order to make sure there are no little us’s running around in your gated community. We have reputations to protect, after all. Some of us are hoping we can whistle past the .XXX graveyard without incident.

But Manwin? Yeah, Manwin doesn’t like you and doesn’t care who knows. If this were the ancient past, your name would be erased from the pyramids. If this were the Soviet Union, your image would disappear from photos. If this were a meat world relationship, you’d have been served with a restraining order.

Instead, it’s just business. You know how it is.

Actually, according to a press release the company distributed on Friday, it’s not business… or at least not doing business… with you or yours.

There’s a certain poetic beauty to this situation. On multiple levels. It’s like a karmic legal haiku. With boobs. But for the situation at hand, the poetic beauty lies with the fact that the tenants of the exclusive porn “resort” that ICM Registry promises to be, were likely hoping to do trade with the outside virtual world, if for no other reason than to generate some upsell traffic, especially early in the TLD launch process.

Tube sites, as the actual adult industry knows, can be a scourge and a blessing, depending on which side of the law they decide to operate on. When they wear white hats, they can be a gateway to new members for the production companies and individuals featured in their collection.

But .XXX is going to be a goldmine for everyone who buys land there. Who needs access to a network that has 60 million users passing through it daily? That’s going to be chickenfeed compared to the flying cars and robot slaves that members of the hyperspace exclusive “resort” community will find awaiting them.

After all, it’s about protecting children, right? That is why it’s a good thing for everyone that there won’t be any Manwin content on .XXX and there won’t be any .XXX content on Manwin’s sites. If it were otherwise, there would be just that much more porn on the internet and just that much more competition for precious resources.

It’s better this way. For everyone. For the children.

Besides, it’s going to happen a lot, so you might want to plan accordingly.

– Darklady

Manwin Permanently Bans All Business With .XXX TLD

LUXEMBOURG — In addition to the lawsuit filed on November 16, 2011, Manwin has determined to cease any and all internet liaisons with the .XXX Top Level Domain.

As of today, Manwin has banned all activities between its brands and internet sites registered with a .XXX TLD.

“We oppose the .XXX domain and all it stands for,” said Fabian Thylmann, managing partner of Manwin. “It is my opinion that .XXX domain is an anticompetitive business practice that works a disservice to all companies that do business on the internet.”

“The lawsuit was just the beginning,” added Thylmann. “Through this ban, we hope to make a strong statement against the .XXX domain.”

Manwin will no longer permit content from or advertising for .XXX websites on its Tube sites.

In addition, Manwin will not permit its content to be used or advertised on .XXX websites. This will prevent ICM or .XXX from exploiting the 60 million daily visitors to Manwin’s network sites.

By permanently blocking the .XXX domain, Manwin hopes to send a clear message that it does not support ICM or .XXX.

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Manwin & Digital Playground Officially Distrust ICM Registry

26 Nov

Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US and the adult entertainment industry has something ironic to be thankful for: ICM Registry is being sued in the hopes of its .XXX TLD effectively being declared an antitrust crime scene.

As those who have been following along may recall, ICM Registry is the company that forced the .XXX TDL on the world in a selfless effort to protect children from porn by making it easier to find, adult website subscribers from mythical mass malware infestations, and company CEO Stuart Lawley from a life of poverty, all by making him filthy rich off of the fear he can inspire in both adult and mainstream trademark holders and brand developers.

ICM Registry insists it’s not part of the adult industry and that is one of the few things I agree with it about. Given its utter disinterest in the actual needs of the businesses it wants to be internet overlord of, as well as its contempt for the industry in general, all I can see it as is a largely ungrateful parasite.

Given the online location, perhaps “malicious virus” would be a better analogy.

This is about money. There’s nothing wrong with it being about money, of course. We are, if nothing else, an especially Capitalist-lovin’ arm of the entertainment industry. But this isn’t just about our money; it’s about the money of anyone who feels threatened by the presence of .XXX and how it might affect their reputation and livelihood — and their ability to maintain them.

Mainstream film producers, retail businesses, schools, colleges, family-friendly theme parks, and other institutions and professional entities that have nothing to do with erotic entertainment, services, or products have expressed deep concern that, if they don’t purchase as many .XXX domains as they own identities that they want to protect, they may very well lose business, public trust, and the right to defend their trademarks.

Luxembourg-based Manwin and California-centric Digital Playground have decided that they’ve had enough.

ICM Registry launched its official Buy website recently and has cagily asserted that its sales are, “comfortably into the six figures in terms of domains,” while not naming any names. If it and ICANN find themselves in court, that may well change.

Manwin, which has its own colorful past, has stated what most everyone else in the industry has stated; that .XXX puts “an unnecessary cost on everybody, without benefit for the adult entertainment community.”

Remember, the whole point of a TLD is to benefit its target community; in this case, the individuals, businesses, and related properties within the adult entertainment community. According to ICM Registry, that’s at least $60 per website purchase worth of benefit, with a $100 – $200 per website registration fee worth of additional benefits… regardless of whether you own an adult business or just don’t want anyone using your trademarked name for one.

Unless, as the complaint claims, you are one of the more than 4,000 celebrities, dignitaries, and locations whose names need not fear being so besmirched, because they have been blocked from sale.

For free.

Whether they hold a trademark or not.

Everyone without a trademark – or with a trademark pending – must wait until December 6 for their first-come/first-served general availability chance to defensively register.

In addition to the money-suck, which — contrary to popular mainstream opinion — is not as painless to the industry’s members as repeatedly claimed, the last thing we need is a business trying to simultaneously marry and distance itself from porn, all while stirring up hate and discontent everywhere it goes.

What Manwin and Digital Playground are asking seems entirely reasonable to me; that ICANN place an injunction on .XXX domains until they become available competitively with “reasonable price constraints.”

In other words, don’t try to pick our pockets just because we work in the adult industry – and don’t try to use the fact that we work in the adult industry as a way to scare businesses and people who don’t.

Naturally, the insufferable Lawley has responded with the tact and delicacy that we’ve come to expect, once again schooling those he hopes to lighten of their cash by insisting that Manwin and Digital Playground, “show an apparent lack of understanding of the ICANN process and the rigorous battle we went through with ICANN over eight years in full public scrutiny to gain approval.”

Given that ICM Registry has kept the target TLD community largely in the dark concerning the companies and numbers associated with the new domain extension, grumbling about scrutiny and making claims about transparency seems misplaced.

If allegations of “… monopolistic conduct, price gouging, and anti-competitive and unfair practices…” against ICM Registry stick, the company may have more than a few real reasons to grumble.

In the meantime, Lawley continues to brag about the millions of registrations and dollars that he anticipates making each year – all while the struggling industry upon which he feeds gets accused of having bottomless cash resources.

For more specifics, read the complaint.


How Not to be Fleeced by ICM Registry

19 Oct

I keep reading press releases and articles about how fabulous it is for the adult entertainment industry that ICM Registry is making the kind of bank on domain sales that has not been seen since the initial .com virtual land rush. $500,000 for a .XXX domain? $200,000?

We’re not even talking about the huge investment that some businesses would need to make in order to secure all of their .com properties in the .XXX frontier… er… resort.

That money isn’t going into the pockets of anyone in the adult entertainment industry, as far as I’m concerned; its going into the pockets of Stuart Lawley, ICM Registry, and the few people they graciously hire and pay. Oh, and race cars.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t consider ICM Registry to be part of the industry. I see it as run by an opportunistic and stubborn man (both of which are traits that I can admire) who is doing what he’s doing not because he wants to clean up the internet, protect kids from porn, protect surfers from harmful .com smut cooties, or help elevate the reputation of sex workers or those who employ them. I believe Lawley is a clever Capitalist who has seen what he believes is a lucrative way to cash in on this internet sex thing.

And I have no problem with that. We all came from somewhere.

But one of the keys to long-term success in any venture, but certainly one in the world of professionally naked ambition, is to be able to work and play well with others. I don’t see that as being a trait that ICM Registry or its master possess.

For those of us who don’t buy the claim that ICM Registry is going to be some kind of protecting shepherd of our brands and reputations, I present both a hilarious (and yes, naughty) Seth MacFarlane cartoon and some serious advice from Diane Duke, director of the Free Speech Coalition, the trade association for the adult entertainment industry.

– Darklady

Sheering Time! — Seth MacFarlane

Buyers Beware: FSC Guide to Purchasing .XXX

CANOGA PARK, CA – Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has released an “Adult Business Guide to .XXX,” in an effort to spread awareness of important information to any online business owners that may be considering purchase of .XXX domains.

FSC has opposed .XXX domains for nearly a decade. Recent discussions with online business owners indicate a need for clarification of the .XXX registration process. Confusion and mixed messages given by ICM Registry (ICM) and its registrars about pricing and the application process have created a difficult situation for adult online business owners. Buyers Beware! FSC created this guide to help you read the fine print and understand the scope of your purchase.

“It is important for adult businesses to be able to see through all of the smoke and mirrors provided by ICM and some of it registrars. Hopefully, this guide will help business owners get to the truth,” FSC Executive Director Diane Duke said.

This quick guide will:

1. Show registrars’ prices for:

• The first year for Sunrise AT – for trademark owners attempting to purchase their trademarked name.
• The first year Sunrise AD – for adult businesses wishing to purchase a .XXX domain name that it owns in another TLD.
• Sunrise B – for businesses adult and non-adult that wish to block their .XXX trademarked name.
• Landrush – 18 days starting on November 8, 2011; during this limited period, only those members of the adult “Sponsored Community” can apply for .XXX domain names.

2. Highlight ICM policies that businesses should read and understand prior to filling out any application.

3. Educate potential buyers about the contributing factors to likelihood of a rapid decline in the value of any .XXX domain name.

Adult online businesses should be aware that registration fees for .XXX addresses are NON-refundable. If an application is rejected, fees will not be returned and you will not be registered for a .XXX address.

Important points for adult business owners also include defining what ICM and its affiliated registrars may recognize as a “trademarked” name.

For example, if you have trademarked “,” under Sunrise AT and Sunrise B, you do not have preferred status for purchasing “” You would only be able eligible to buy or block “”

Also, domain names that adult businesses thought they had rights to may have been reserved by ICM for auction to the highest bidder.

In a recent debate between Duke and ICM CEO Stuart Lawley, many details of .XXX registration for adult online businesses were discussed. While Lawley provided general answers to questions on policy by-laws and contractual clauses for .XXX, he was unable to clarify many points for Duke and those in attendance. An hour-long video of the debate (courtesy of XBIZ Magazine) is viewable at the FSC Blog.

At one point during the debate, the CEO of DomainMonster states that .XXX domains will cost $79 per year if purchased through his company, correcting Duke for misquoting DomainMonster’s price. What he failed to add is that the $79 price is available only under the “General Availability” period, for those willing to sign a 25-year contract.

FSC reminds all adult online business owners – buyers beware.

Copies of FSC’s “Adult Business Guide to .XXX” are downloadable in pdf format, at the FSC Blog, or by contacting FSC at (818) 348-9373.


The Free Speech Coalition is the national trade organization to the adult entertainment industry. Its mission is to lead, protect and support the growth and well-being of the adult entertainment community.

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Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am

06 Oct

Everybody’s favorite reason to hate .XXX (aka Stuart Lawley) has had a lot to say about how those of us who work and play within the adult entertainment industry don’t know what we’re talking about when we talk about the adult entertainment industry.

Or the internet.

Or marketing our product.

Or much of anything else, including and especially .XXX — which he’s assured us will change the way the world sees pornography, sexuality, internet commerce, and his brilliance.

Alas for the real world of .XXX consumers, that doesn’t seem to be universally the case. Most of those who’ve ponied up the big bucks have either confessed to doing so out of professional fear of losing their brand’s integrity or haven’t admitted it to anyone other than perhaps their priest, mistress, or beer buddies.

Finally, a brave voice in the online wilderness has raised itself above the hype. Hopefully it will inspire others to come forward, as well.

Let’s keep speaking truth to arrogance!

– Darklady

Another Example that . XXX Domains are a Screw Job

Janey Web writes: Before I start my rant feel free to tell me I should never have bothered with .xxx – I know now that is just what I should have done…Having been completely taken in by the registry’s sales pitch and in the hope of securing ‘my’ domains, I went ahead and followed their procedures… FOOL!

I am aware how the majority of you feel about this process and so won’t expect any sympathy, I just want to document this in case anyone else is even considering buying (or trying to buy) theirs.

I ‘pre-reserved’ – now this is being called ‘expressed an interest in’- ‘my’.xxx domain. I joined the ‘sponsored adult community’ – yes I know… MUG!

I have owned and operated since 2000. I also own a large suite of top level domains (.coms and .co.uks as we are UK based) most of which contain janeyweb or janey in them.

My company trades as Janey Web Productions Ltd. My stage name is Janey Web.

Our registrar secured one .xxx domain with no problem – – this in fact is a name we did not oringinally ‘express an interest’ in, we just decided to get it as we use the .com as a pay site.

We were then told by the registrar that AND the second domain we were ‘interested in’ were blocked so they couldn’t buy them for us.

Read more about Janey’s screw-job from ICM Registry on Adult GYI.


ICM Speedboats its Message to the Masses

02 Oct

Sorry to vanish for so long and leave you update-less. While it gives me great joy to point at the feet of clay that ICM Registry lurches throughout the globe on, it doesn’t pay the bills, so I’ve had to be Capitalistic in my own adult industry kinda way.

You know, by actually working with and within the industry, as opposed to merely being a parasite feeding off of it while claiming to be doing so for the host’s own good.

Although this is a fairly fluffy update, I have an insane number of links to articles about what ICM Registry has been up to lately, including yet more smack-talk from Stuart Lawley directed toward Diane Duke, the executive director of the Free Speech Coalition (adult industry trade association) during XBIZ EU, Morality in Media’s predictable complaints, the Founders Program, .XXX blocking, the launch itself, PETA, and whether it’s worth the effort or even necessary to try to protect a brand from ICM Registry.

But for now, let’s focus on speedboats because, you know, they have so much to do with porn websites. In a Freudian way. Kinda.

ICM Registry long ago promised to promote the .XXX brand to the mainstream with new and innovative methods. Many of us in the flesh mines wondered what the hell that meant in plain English… and now we know: sponsoring speedboat racers.

Of course! Why didn’t the rest of us think of that years ago? Obviously, speedboat racers will want their own branded websites in the .XXX zone! And the stands (do they have stands at a boat race?) are packed with fans ready, eager, and willing to either buy their own grotesquely over-priced .XXX sites (to help support speedboat racers, obviously) or invest heavily in the few sites that are currently there.

Sure. It could happen. This might be a stroke of rare brilliance that will bring the entire mainstream world of watersports, if you will, to a new realization about the adult entertainment industry and its appropriate place in the grand scheme of internet things.

Or, some individual(s) or group(s) with a (most likely) extreme right wing agenda will grab onto the subject and howl to the media about how porn is rubbing itself off in the faces of the innocent, including young and impressionable speedboat fans and family members.

Which, of course, could still accomplish the obvious task of spreading the good word about ICM Registry’s attempt to clean up the internet by adding more porn to it.

It’s possible that ICM Registry will benefit from the investment, but it seems unlikely that the overall adult industry will get much out of it.

– Darklady

ICM Registry to sponsor world champion powerboat racer Mike Seebold.

ICM Registry, the company behind the new .xxx top level domain name, is entering world class powerboat racing with world champion driver Mike Seebold to compete at this year’s Off Shore World Championships in Key West, Florida…

To learn more, visit Domain Wire



ICM Registry + McAfee = With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas?

30 Jun

It’s no secret that porn depends upon social stereotypes and cliches for much of its power.

It’s not that we actually believe that our hot secretary, smoldering boss, sexy babysitter, studly frat boy friend, or neighborhood Officer Friendly secretly yearns to take us or give themselves over entirely to our deepest, most secret, sexual desires.

It’s not that we honestly think women are shipped directly from the manufacturing plant with 38 DDD boobs and eternally patient cum-hungry tongues or that men are unloaded from their space ships sporting long-lasting 9-inch erections and a polite interest in cunnilingus — but, like it or not, those are all cliches that we’re familiar with.

Porn is, after all, fantasy.

When it comes to the technology supporting the fantasy, though, I admit that I like it to be based on science.

Science is what gets the bits from there to here. Science is what makes sure I can see very pore regardless of how invisible its wearer wishes it were. Science is what allows me to assure a webmaster that since I have a VISA card, I must be an adult. Science is what protects my computer from ugly bugs, zombies, and other nasty things that go bump through my hard drive.

Science is also what has repeatedly proven the internet stereotype of porn sites being packed with computer-borne diseases to be FALSE.

Yeah, sure, there are plenty of low-level porn sites or sites pretending to be porn sites that should only be visited while wearing a full computer-system/body condom, but you’ve probably got a better chance of getting crabs from that cutie you picked up outside of the bowling alley last week during half-price night than of needing to reformat your hard drive after visiting your favorite cat-juggling midget bondage site.

But that doesn’t mean that our close personal friends at ICM Registry and .XXX aren’t planning to fan the flames of anti-porn prejudice in order to line their pockets, feather their nests, and convince both porn lovers and porn producers that the only way to avoid a cache full of cyber-syphilis is to visit their sites, which theoretically practice safer coding than domains that cost 10 times less to register.

What super power will ICM Registry and its .XXX sites manifest in order to keep its sheep as white as snow? Why, a free McAfee SECURE anti-spyware subscription, of course! That’s a $360 savings, according to The Register. Heck, that makes the first year of one .XXX website registration more than break even, no matter how much the domain fleecing costs. (I’m reading $75 – $130 registration prices bandied about these days, with a mere $60 of that going to ICM.)

Bundling online security software into a purchase isn’t unusual these days, with many ISPs and broadband providers doing so. McAfee is certainly a brand name people will recognize, but regardless of what the company website has to say about the product, nobody who doesn’t work for the McAfee seems to be impressed by its ability to deal with spyware. As an anti-virus software producer, it’s got plenty of fans, but review after review reports that McAffee is barely competent when it comes to keeping malware out of our precious anal high-wire ballerina photo collections.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful to Uncle ICM for spending $8 million on a daily sweep of the .XXX neighborhood looking for bandits, but I’d be more impressed if it wasn’t a rent-a-cop doing the snooping, especially if I have to install McAfee’s SiteAdvisor plug-in and/or a “trust mark” to fully benefit from the massive uptick in conversions that the company insists will be mine.

Out of curiosity, if malware does somehow manage to get onto a site, who’s responsible? McAfee? ICM Registry? The dirty porno schmuck who paid $130 for a spot in the gated .XXX red-light community that’s supposed to come with a trustworthy security guard?

– Darklady

New Survey Reveals Misconceptions About Security Measures

Many users harbor misconceptions when it comes to Internet-related security and effective measures that can prevent security breaches. This was the picture gleaned by a new study commissioned by G Data Software, which surveyed 15,559 Internet users with their own PC and Internet access. Participants were be Read the rest of this entry »


Freshly Hired, Freshly Fired: the .XXX Body Count Begins

03 Jun

It seems like it was only the beginning of May when ICM Registry proudly announced the hiring of industry veterans Chris Lebrun and Pete Housley as its sales team.

That’s because it was.

It seems like it wasn’t even the end of May when ICM Registry and Lebrun split the sheets and went their separate ways.

That’s because it wasn’t.

If industry scuttlebutt on GFY or the XBiz are any indication, the first move didn’t earn Lebrun any new friends and the second move didn’t redeem him. Other than saying he is satisfied with “the terms” of his separation and wishes ICM Registry “the best of luck,” he hasn’t had much to say publicly about the matter.

Perhaps this is reflective of the “no committment (sic) and 100% confidential” Founders Program policy he ever-so-briefly tried to sell the online adult world on.

How things are going with the company’s other new hires, including the kind-of-surprising-but-not-really-given-her-recent-behavior April hire of Joan Irvine (formerly CEO of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection) as the first executive director of IFFOR.

Irvine’s new job title is already earning her negative reviews from long-time members of the industry… and it will be interesting to see if ASACP becomes the promised recipient of a percentage of .XXX registration fees, as per ICM Registry’s promise to “protect children.”

Of course, it will also be interesting (at least to me) to see how my continued updating and opining on this site will affect consideration of my application as a free speech advocate for IFFOR. It’s true, I sent one in. Might as well venture into the belly of the beast and find out what’s really going on… assuming the beast has the stomach for such a thing.

– Darklady


.XXX Pre-Registration: The Shakedown Begins

17 May

It has begun — and who, except for everyone, anticipated that it would begin like this?

And by “this,” I naturally mean with a feverish money grab into the pockets of anyone and everyone with a trademark to defend.

Talk about making decisions with a financial gun to our head! Whether you don’t want a .XXX domain because you own the “Happiest Place on Earth” or urge others to “Just Do It, or you think the idea of a .XXX sTLD is a bad one in general or just don’t want/can’t afford to pay the insane registration prices that are being bandied about — all you have to do is pay $300 – $650 per URL to make sure no one else gets to register a website with your name on it.

Seems fair, right? $300+ for… nothing. That’s got to feel extra good to the mainstream company with multiple trademarks that have nothing to do with porn. Way to improve the reputation of the adult entertainment industry, registrars.

At least it’s a one-time fee, unlike the annual renewal costs you can expect if you buy into the .XXX mythos. Depending on which of the 60 provisionally approved registrars you use (check out the links below and/or in the sidebar for more details), you could be paying anywhere between $75 and $100 per domain. Some registrars are offering bulk discounts, which seems weird given that Stuart Lawley assured the forum audience on that there would be no bulk prices, no discounts for non-profits, no special deals.

Ah, well. It’s the worst recession in the history of the United States. Perhaps these kind technical benefactors have relented and decided to grace their more well-heeled flock with a few vaguely noticeable bargains, after all.

Mensches, every man jack of them.

– Darklady

Dot-xxx Price Wars Begin

YNOT – On Friday, a second domain registrar revealed tentative pricing for dot-xxx domains. According to a report at, U.K.-based registrar DomainMonster will offer the adults-only domains at prices ranging from U.S. $75 to $300.

The $75 price point (actually $74.99) represents a discount off the standard price of $99.99 when an entity registers more than 25 domains at a time during the “open season” registration period, which will follow the Sunrise and Landrush phases. When entities register between 10 and 25 domains at a time, DomainMonster plans drop the price to $89.99 each, Chief Executive Officer Matt Mansell told DomainIncite.

During the Sunrise phase, meant to give trademark holders an opportunity to protect their intellectual property, dot-xxx domains may be blocked for $299.99, $289.99 or $249.99 apiece, using the same volume-based sliding scale.

For owners of non-trademarked domains in other domain spaces who wish to “grandfather” their domains in dot-xxx during Sunrise, volume-based prices will run $199.99, $179.99 and $149.99, respectively. The grandfather prices also will apply to the Landrush phase…

To read more, visit: Dot-xxx Price Wars Begin

More Links: Read ‘em and weep:

Protecting Trademarks in the New .XXX Domain Name Release

$300 to block your trademark from ‘.xxx’ – but that’s the tip of the iceberg

Up to $650 for a .xxx domain – or to keep your name off one

Trademark Owners .XXX Opt-out Fee Hovers at $300

.XXX Domain Pricing From $75 to Charge $75 and Up for .XXX Domains


Everybody Just Stay .com!

21 Apr

Please return your tray tables and seat backs to their original position while the pilot attempts to land the plane without destroying the entire aeronautics industry in the process…

My Cybersocket newsletter arrived in my inbox today and this was the big story — which, in the adult entertainment biz, means it’s big news. After all, as photographic as a fully clothed Sid Grief and Jeffrey Douglas carrying protest signs may be, they’re not going to get the page hits that a fully naked pretty much anyone could rack up in the same mailing…

Even as the most obvious of the .XXX sites goes live (if benignly so), members of the allegedly target community are effectively refusing to let ICM Registry cum in their mouths. Potentially joining the U.S.-based Free Speech Coalition’s opposition to the sTLD is U.K.’s Adult Industry Trade Association (AITA) which, according to a press release, has decided to investigate objections about the domain “in its current form” before officially taking a stand for or against it.

It’s going to be an interesting spring on the internet…

– Darklady

Free Speech Coalition Urges Online Businesses to STAY .COM – Say NO to .XXX

by Cybersocket

Since 2007, FSC has spearheaded the opposition to the newly approved .XXX “sponsored Top Level Domain. We’ve voiced opposition to ICM Registry’s application for the domain from the beginning, and we protested .XXX at the ICANN 40 Conference in San Francisco in March.

FSC, the U.S. adult industry trade association, has been the voice to Internet regulatory agency ICANN and proponents of the online adult ghetto, to tell them that the adult online community DOES NOT SUPPORT a domain that will:

— cost them MILLIONS in unnecessary fees

— subject them to censorship on a global scale

— sets a negative precedent for fragmentation of the Internet

— and will make it EASIER FOR CHILDREN to find adult material online

It was a bad idea in 2007, and it’s a bad idea today. Bad for the industry, bad for the Internet, bad for underage users, bad for YOUR bottom line.

But it’s not too late. Despite ICANN’s approval of the domain (defying both the adult online community and their own governmental advisory committee) there is something YOU can do to make sure that the registrars and resellers don’t rob you of your brand or unnecessary expense. FSC urges online business to STAY .COM – SAY NO TO .XXX. For more information on the SAY NO TO .XXX campaign, contact FSC Executive Director Diane Duke at diane@freespeechcoalition.


Free Speech Coalition – We’re working hard to confront important challenges facing the industry – .XXX, anti-piracy efforts, workplace safety regulations, and 2257 record-keeping regulations. Our mission is to protect and promote the well-being of adult businesses and industry professionals. Please visit FreeSpeechCoalition.COM for more information. Also, follow us at @FSCArmy on Twitter and look for us under “Free Speech Coalition” on Facebook.

To read another recent article, visit:
Christian Post

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The Roots Of Dot-XXX: ICM Registry – The Austin Powers Parody!

17 Apr

If you dig deep enough, you can always find the prototypes for where things began!
Take a peek at this Austin Powers clip to see Dr. Evil (Stuart?), Mini Me (Vaughn?) and Number Two (Greg?) in what may be the birth of the business model of ICM Registry and its boondoggle of the Adult Industry, ICANN and maybe the ENTIRE WORLD (insert evil laugh here…). Oh, and stand by for the final shot of who is the first to step up to be an ICM personal assistant!

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IANA Adds .XXX to Root Nameservers

17 Apr

IANA Adds .XXX to Root Nameservers

CYBERSPACE—The question whether or not the U.S. Commerce Department would prevent the addition of .XXX to the root has been answered. The top-level domain is now live. IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, added the sTLD to the root nameservers early Friday.

Several second level domains, including, and go to landing page for ICM Registry, which operates the top-level domain. The pages contain links to the ICM website.

Greg Dumas of ICM Registry said, “We are pleased to bring .XXX into the adult marketplace and the positive response since approval has been overwhelming. This is definitely an exciting time.”

For more on this subject, visit: XXX domain names go live

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