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23 Oct

I can definitely sympathize with the rest of the world’s reluctance to be bullied by the USA (or anyone else, for that matter). That reluctance resonates with my own reluctance to have ICM Registry and Stuart Lawley bully me or other members of world of adult online content.

Frankly, that’s another reason for learning the identities of those who have allegedly pre-registered domains. If they’re heavily weighed toward non-US registrants, there may well be an important message for the industry. If they’re just nervous trademark owners, that’s definitely a message for the industry.

Just as being a bully won’t win the hearts and minds of the citizenry during a war, being a bully while trying to hard sell an sTLD doesn’t do much to win the hearts and minds of prospective customers… especially when the bully claims to be doing it for our own good.

– Darklady

Surfers can easily filter websites with adult contents just by merely looking at the extension names.

After about a year, the ICANN publicly announced that it had entered into commercial and technical dealings leading to the creation of .xxx domain. The US government was quick to respond to this surprising move and asked the ICANN to delay the final approval for the creation of .xxx after various sectors loudly aired their opposition to it.

Although many countries lauded the decision to put a halt in the creation of .xxx and give way for multi-lateral consultation, a clear, steering issue boiled and steamed out. The international community raised concern of American hegemony in the internet governance. The *European Union* is clear in its stance that the .xxx case is a crystal-clear proof of government intervention in the policies of ICANN. This, the EU says, is unacceptable to sovereign governments who are relying on ICANN for the control of their websites like UK’s .uk.

With the .xxx controversy still unresolved, the ICANN is now faced with yet another crucial issue.

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