Big News Day — Webmasters Protest .XXX While Some Speculate that ICANN is Going Rogue

18 Mar

Today really kept me hopping with articles to add to the sidebar — and figuring out which one of these two headlines should go into the main page. I ultimately decided that both are important and deserve to share this update.

It’s an interesting progression of stories. The adult industry once again expresses its distrust and dissatisfaction with .XXX and ICM Registry (along with various governments and religious groups) while people speculate about whether ICANN is just going to do what it wants regardless of what anyone else thinks.

We live in interesting times.

– Darklady

25 Adult Webmasters Protest .XXX at ICANN Meeting

Adult site owners protest at ICANN meeting.

About 25 adult webmasters — and one homeless guy who’s been hanging out outside the ICANN meeting all week — joined together to protest the .XXX top level domain name this afternoon in San Francisco.

The protest was organized by Free Speech Coalition.

25 Adult-Webmasters Protest .XXX at ICANN meeting

To read more, visit: Domain Name Wire

Is ICANN Getting Ready To Approve .XXX Over The Objection Of The Government Advisory Counsel (GAC)?

The Government Advisory Council (GAC) gave its report on the .XXX extension to the ICANN board this morning and it sounds like the ICANN board is getting ready to approve the .XXX extension in a vote over the GAC’s objection on Friday Morning.

Here is the statement of the GAC and the board from this morning’s session.

Read through it and see what you think:

“The GAC has prepared a statement of advice, and iIcan read that to the room now, and read it into the record.”

“There is no active support of the GAC for the introduction of the .XXX top-level domain.”

To read more, visit: The Domains


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