With Friends Like ICM Registry, Who Needs Enemies?

23 Mar

With Friends Like ICM Registry, Who Needs Enemies?

What do you get for the man who has everything? If you’re ICANN, apparently you hand the .XXX sTLD over to ICM Registry no matter how many people oppose it or what damage it could do for the supposed sponsored community.

Already the headlines are flying — with misinformation spread by both those who oppose and support the new TLD.

“Critics say XXX domain only creates more porn,” hyperventilates Christian Today.

“Obscenity gets green light with ‘.xxx’ domain,” the Florida Baptist Witness declares, misrepresenting the domain’s contents in an attempt to instill moral outrage above and beyond the call of duty. In case that doesn’t get folks worked up enough, the writer stokes the fire by claiming that the internet “harbors a dark side that has ensnared countless men, boys and increasingly women and girls. That realm of darkness is now expanding.”

“No Kisses for ICANN’s Approval of .XXX Internet Domain Name,” the Family Research Council pouts… as though it would actually kiss anyone foolish enough to ask it out on a date. The FRC also insists that the domain extension will house “pornography and obscenity.”

Meanwhile, President Bill Clinton pops off about .XXX as though he has any idea what he’s talking about…

… and President Obama is attacked for not taking a stand on .XXX.

Most annoying to me, is the mindless media myth that this ruling is welcomed by the adult industry. One blogger even claims this is a “happy ending” for adult sites.

And through it all, the number of pre-registered sites is used as proof of that industry happiness.

While this is to be expected since the subject is sex, the adult entertainment industry doesn’t need even more heat focused on it by the relentlessly hot but dim forces desperate to sent its workforce into unemployment lines, if not prison cells.  It’s inevitable now, however — and any boost in harassment from government or religious agencies will deserve to be placed at the feet of Stuart Lawley and ICM Registry.

– Darklady


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