The Pointlessness of Specialized TLDs

01 Apr

I can’t think of anything snarky to say here, because this article manages to make so many good points in so few words.

Read it through and then check out some of the comments on the original site. As is so often the case, some feed into all the reasons .XXX is a poor idea — but there are some good points and, well, some nice preaching to the choir moments, too.

– Darklady

India’s Plan To Block .xxx Shows The Pointlessness Of Specialized TLDs

from the open-the-whole-thing-up dept

For many years, we’ve wondered about the wisdom of ICANN slowly doling out totally pointless new top level domains (TLDs) — like .jobs and .mobi — that seemed much more focused on getting companies to pay up for domains they didn’t need, rather than serving any useful purpose. With the recent approval of .xxx, the same thing is happening. Various porn companies feel the need to buy up .xxx domain names, even though they already have domains they’re happy with. And making things even worse is that various countries, with India taking the lead, have declared plans to block all access to the .xxx domain anyway.

Of course, this is kind of silly. It’s as if they’re pretending that porn doesn’t exist elsewhere on the web. But, the other silly thing this highlights is the idea of slowly rolling out specialized TLDs. For years, we’ve been asking why ICANN doesn’t just do away with specialized TLDs and let anyone register anything.anyTLD. It really would not be that difficult to set up a system to allow that, and then you get away from this idea of having to set up all these expensive special TLDs. It also makes it silly for any country to target a specific TLD to block. But, of course, it won’t happen, because it doesn’t involve the companies wishing to be registrars of these new TLDs getting tons of cash.

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