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21 Apr

Please return your tray tables and seat backs to their original position while the pilot attempts to land the plane without destroying the entire aeronautics industry in the process…

My Cybersocket newsletter arrived in my inbox today and this was the big story — which, in the adult entertainment biz, means it’s big news. After all, as photographic as a fully clothed Sid Grief and Jeffrey Douglas carrying protest signs may be, they’re not going to get the page hits that a fully naked pretty much anyone could rack up in the same mailing…

Even as the most obvious of the .XXX sites goes live (if benignly so), members of the allegedly target community are effectively refusing to let ICM Registry cum in their mouths. Potentially joining the U.S.-based Free Speech Coalition’s opposition to the sTLD is U.K.’s Adult Industry Trade Association (AITA) which, according to a press release, has decided to investigate objections about the domain “in its current form” before officially taking a stand for or against it.

It’s going to be an interesting spring on the internet…

– Darklady

Free Speech Coalition Urges Online Businesses to STAY .COM – Say NO to .XXX

by Cybersocket

Since 2007, FSC has spearheaded the opposition to the newly approved .XXX “sponsored Top Level Domain. We’ve voiced opposition to ICM Registry’s application for the domain from the beginning, and we protested .XXX at the ICANN 40 Conference in San Francisco in March.

FSC, the U.S. adult industry trade association, has been the voice to Internet regulatory agency ICANN and proponents of the online adult ghetto, to tell them that the adult online community DOES NOT SUPPORT a domain that will:

— cost them MILLIONS in unnecessary fees

— subject them to censorship on a global scale

— sets a negative precedent for fragmentation of the Internet

— and will make it EASIER FOR CHILDREN to find adult material online

It was a bad idea in 2007, and it’s a bad idea today. Bad for the industry, bad for the Internet, bad for underage users, bad for YOUR bottom line.

But it’s not too late. Despite ICANN’s approval of the domain (defying both the adult online community and their own governmental advisory committee) there is something YOU can do to make sure that the registrars and resellers don’t rob you of your brand or unnecessary expense. FSC urges online business to STAY .COM – SAY NO TO .XXX. For more information on the SAY NO TO .XXX campaign, contact FSC Executive Director Diane Duke at diane@freespeechcoalition.


Free Speech Coalition – We’re working hard to confront important challenges facing the industry – .XXX, anti-piracy efforts, workplace safety regulations, and 2257 record-keeping regulations. Our mission is to protect and promote the well-being of adult businesses and industry professionals. Please visit FreeSpeechCoalition.COM for more information. Also, follow us at @FSCArmy on Twitter and look for us under “Free Speech Coalition” on Facebook.

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