ICM Speedboats its Message to the Masses

02 Oct

Sorry to vanish for so long and leave you update-less. While it gives me great joy to point at the feet of clay that ICM Registry lurches throughout the globe on, it doesn’t pay the bills, so I’ve had to be Capitalistic in my own adult industry kinda way.

You know, by actually working with and within the industry, as opposed to merely being a parasite feeding off of it while claiming to be doing so for the host’s own good.

Although this is a fairly fluffy update, I have an insane number of links to articles about what ICM Registry has been up to lately, including yet more smack-talk from Stuart Lawley directed toward Diane Duke, the executive director of the Free Speech Coalition (adult industry trade association) during XBIZ EU, Morality in Media’s predictable complaints, the Founders Program, .XXX blocking, the launch itself, PETA, and whether it’s worth the effort or even necessary to try to protect a brand from ICM Registry.

But for now, let’s focus on speedboats because, you know, they have so much to do with porn websites. In a Freudian way. Kinda.

ICM Registry long ago promised to promote the .XXX brand to the mainstream with new and innovative methods. Many of us in the flesh mines wondered what the hell that meant in plain English… and now we know: sponsoring speedboat racers.

Of course! Why didn’t the rest of us think of that years ago? Obviously, speedboat racers will want their own branded websites in the .XXX zone! And the stands (do they have stands at a boat race?) are packed with fans ready, eager, and willing to either buy their own grotesquely over-priced .XXX sites (to help support speedboat racers, obviously) or invest heavily in the few sites that are currently there.

Sure. It could happen. This might be a stroke of rare brilliance that will bring the entire mainstream world of watersports, if you will, to a new realization about the adult entertainment industry and its appropriate place in the grand scheme of internet things.

Or, some individual(s) or group(s) with a (most likely) extreme right wing agenda will grab onto the subject and howl to the media about how porn is rubbing itself off in the faces of the innocent, including young and impressionable speedboat fans and family members.

Which, of course, could still accomplish the obvious task of spreading the good word about ICM Registry’s attempt to clean up the internet by adding more porn to it.

It’s possible that ICM Registry will benefit from the investment, but it seems unlikely that the overall adult industry will get much out of it.

– Darklady

ICM Registry to sponsor world champion powerboat racer Mike Seebold.

ICM Registry, the company behind the new .xxx top level domain name, is entering world class powerboat racing with world champion driver Mike Seebold to compete at this year’s Off Shore World Championships in Key West, Florida…

To learn more, visit Domain Wire



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  1. Webstur

    November 11, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    The XXX boat was in Key West this past weekend and I took great pleasure in booing it as it passed by.

    Nobody was interested in it. I’m glad they are wasting their money.

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