Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am

06 Oct

Everybody’s favorite reason to hate .XXX (aka Stuart Lawley) has had a lot to say about how those of us who work and play within the adult entertainment industry don’t know what we’re talking about when we talk about the adult entertainment industry.

Or the internet.

Or marketing our product.

Or much of anything else, including and especially .XXX — which he’s assured us will change the way the world sees pornography, sexuality, internet commerce, and his brilliance.

Alas for the real world of .XXX consumers, that doesn’t seem to be universally the case. Most of those who’ve ponied up the big bucks have either confessed to doing so out of professional fear of losing their brand’s integrity or haven’t admitted it to anyone other than perhaps their priest, mistress, or beer buddies.

Finally, a brave voice in the online wilderness has raised itself above the hype. Hopefully it will inspire others to come forward, as well.

Let’s keep speaking truth to arrogance!

– Darklady

Another Example that . XXX Domains are a Screw Job

Janey Web writes: Before I start my rant feel free to tell me I should never have bothered with .xxx – I know now that is just what I should have done…Having been completely taken in by the registry’s sales pitch and in the hope of securing ‘my’ domains, I went ahead and followed their procedures… FOOL!

I am aware how the majority of you feel about this process and so won’t expect any sympathy, I just want to document this in case anyone else is even considering buying (or trying to buy) theirs.

I ‘pre-reserved’ – now this is being called ‘expressed an interest in’- ‘my’.xxx domain. I joined the ‘sponsored adult community’ – yes I know… MUG!

I have owned and operated since 2000. I also own a large suite of top level domains (.coms and .co.uks as we are UK based) most of which contain janeyweb or janey in them.

My company trades as Janey Web Productions Ltd. My stage name is Janey Web.

Our registrar secured one .xxx domain with no problem – – this in fact is a name we did not oringinally ‘express an interest’ in, we just decided to get it as we use the .com as a pay site.

We were then told by the registrar that AND the second domain we were ‘interested in’ were blocked so they couldn’t buy them for us.

Read more about Janey’s screw-job from ICM Registry on Adult GYI.


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  1. Evan

    October 9, 2011 at 1:11 am

    Did you already hear the rumor that the ICM gave away for free and pretended it was sold for $500 000 to make their domains look more valuable?

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