Between a Laugh and a Tear

17 Aug

Nothing to See Here

Sometimes ya don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Fortunately, in America we don’t need to choose; we can enjoy them together or separately. A prime example is the current battle of the titanic sphincters known as Patrick Trueman of Morality in Media and, well, you know who from you know where.

Trueman has gone whining to the very government he otherwise has little regard for because .XXX just isn’t popular enough with pornographers. We were all supposed to pack our bags and rush into the arms of that other guy and his shiny new online resort. But we didn’t. So he wants the feds to, like, do something about it.

There’s nothing new about the perpetual threat of legal action or for a rallying of the G-Men against the latest offenders of public morality. It’s just rare to see it turned against such a deserving target for such an ironic reason.

xBiz: Morality in Media Asks The Feds To Probe ICM Registry Over .XXX .Porn

According to, Morality in Media has called on federal authorities to probe ICM Registry after the operator of the .XXX TLD received initial approval for the .porn gTLD.

“The anti-porn group, led by Patrick Trueman, the former chief of the Justice Department’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity unit, said that the establishment of a .porn domain will increase the spread of online porn.”

“Trueman, who has asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the registry because it may be in violation of federal obscenity laws, says his group is angered over the way .xxx has evolved in its first 20 months.”

“”The .xxx domain advocates said these domains would solve the Internet’s porn problem with pornography companies leaving the .com domain and relocating on .xxx, making the rest of the Internet porn-free,” Trueman said. “But porn companies did not give up their .com sites and instead opened additional sites.”

Read more at The Domains.


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