The Charity Donations That Weren’t There

14 Jan

Shocked Face

This is my shocked face, because nobody — and I mean nobody — is more surprised than I am to learn that those vague but much ballyhooed $10 contributions to IFFOR, (The International Foundation for Online Responsibility) were more vapor than paper.

It can’t be because nobody really wants a .xxx domain, although many have fearfully parked them, and a few have actually launched a site on one. That would only land money in the pockets of ICM Registry, after all, and not promote the good that it so sincerely hopes to spread throughout the otherwise corrupt adult internet, right? What would lead us to believe such a Randian motivation could exist within such an otherwise exemplary organization?

– Darklady

The First Director of .IFFOR, Set Up By .XXX Registry; Clyde Beattie Resigns & The Money Went?

Clyde Beattie, who was one of the founders of the non-profit company set up by ICM the operator of the .XXX extension, IFFOR, (The International Foundation for Online Responsibility) which was set up as “a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing policies for Top Level Domains that maximize benefit to global Internet users, domain holders and domain registry operators.”   has left the association as of December 31, 2014.

When .XXX was approved by ICANN, $10 of every active (but not registered domain) was promised to go to the non-profit organization IFFOR to do charitable work.

Some thought (including me) that IFFOR would get $10 in addition to the $50 wholesale registration price of every .XXX domain registration

However someone, ok me again figured out that this was not the case, as you can read here, and here.

Read more at The Domains.


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