Dilute, Dilute — Not Okay!

04 Mar


I’m a big fan of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and have spent many an extended minute reading the rabbi’s opinionated labels reminding users to “Dilute! Dilute! OK!” This is wise advice, given the concentrated nature of the liquid in question. When applied to gTLDs, however, I believe dilution is the last thing most website and trademarks owners are looking for.

Yet, because there’s bucks to be presumably made shearing the fearful — our close personal friends at ICM Registry are introducing .Porn and .Adult to further line Stuart Lawley’s pockets and inspire adult brands to dig deeper in order to park or develop more sites on more domains.

What’s the point? Surfing for “free porn” does not equal wanting to surf to .Porn, let alone spend a dime while doing so. The tube sites should love these new frontiers, but I’m not so sure consumers or creators will be served by them.

.PORN and .ADULT Join .XXX to Form Unsexy Threesome for Brand Owners

“Yesterday marked the sunrise launch of the .porn and .adult generic top-level domains (gTLDs), which join .xxx in the top-level domain name space as gTLDs targeted mainly at online purveyors of adult entertainment.  As with .xxx, the introduction of these adult-themed gTLDs presents yet another annoyance for trademark owners already fatigued by the weekly onslaught of gTLDs introduced over the past couple of years pursuant to ICANN’s expansion of the domain name space.  Also as with .xxx, brand owners have some opportunities to defensively register .adult and .porn domain names early in the life of these new gTLDs.

ICM Registry, the operator of this titillating trifecta of gTLDs, intended that trademark owners who secured “blocking” registrations of .xxx domains would receive free matching registrations for corresponding domains in the .porn and .adult. (and the forthcoming .sex) gTLDs.  However, this plan fell through, and brand owners must once again pony up registration fees.  They generally have three options prior to general availability of .porn and .adult domains…”

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