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The Roots Of Dot-XXX: ICM Registry – The Austin Powers Parody!

17 Apr

If you dig deep enough, you can always find the prototypes for where things began!
Take a peek at this Austin Powers clip to see Dr. Evil (Stuart?), Mini Me (Vaughn?) and Number Two (Greg?) in what may be the birth of the business model of ICM Registry and its boondoggle of the Adult Industry, ICANN and maybe the ENTIRE WORLD (insert evil laugh here…). Oh, and stand by for the final shot of who is the first to step up to be an ICM personal assistant!

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.XXX – The Movie!

21 Mar

What chance does a hard-working pornographer have of making big money in today’s piracy-rich, scoff-law economy? That is the question on everyone’s mind.

One man has heard the cries of our people and is ready to make the internet safe and profitable for adult websites once again.

Unlike most of us, he is a busy, busy, financially successful man in the mainstream world of work. Naturally, this puts him in the perfect position to know what is best for the online adult entertainment industry.

But let’s hear it from the salesman’s lips themselves…..

Appearing in the above film are Larry Flynt (Huster CEO), Allison Vivas (PinkVisual CEO), John Stagliano (Evil Angel CEO), Joanna Angel (, Ron Cadwell (CCBill CEO), Peter Acworth (Kink CEO), Mitch Farber (Netbilling CEO), and a host of other adult industry leaders.  The film was written by longtime industry advocate and writer Theresa “Darklady” Reed and directed/produced by Wasteland CEO Colin Rowntree.

Mobile Users Touch Here To Watch Movie!

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AIDS Healthcare teams with Stuart Lawley for “Not Yogi Bear dot-XXX”

20 Dec

I know that ICM Registry and its front man, Stuart Lawley, think this website and its anti-.XXX video are jokes. After all, what value could the voices of actual adult industry professionals have to a man and an organization with so much money, so many opinions about how great they are, and so little knowledge or interest in the content, its creators, or its talent have?

As far as I can see, in the opinion of ICM Registry and Stuart Lawley, all that’s important is that:

1) It will make them even more fabulously wealthy.
2) It will be a “resort” — not a ghetto.
3a) It will “protect children” — by making it easy for individuals, ISPs, and countries to find/block.
3b) It will “protect children” by making a $10/per overpriced domain registration donation to a mystery agency.
4) It will make them even more fabulously wealthy.

Of course, all that’s really likely to happen is 1 and 4… and possibly a lot of ISPs and countries blocking the sTLD.

I guess that kind of exclusivity is what will make .XXX a “resort,” because no one except a very few people will be able to actually get there, let alone spend any money there.

But I digress… sorta.

ICM Registry and Stuart Lawley may well be laughing at the industry saps they seem to have so little regard for, but we can laugh, too.

A tip of the hat to fellow porn scrivener, Gram Ponante. Thanks for the laughs. :-)

– Darklady

(This is not a true story)

L.A.-based publicity firm AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and .XXX domain hawker Stuart Lawley announced plans to consolidate their joint takeover of the adult industry by filming a modest slate of porn parodies, opening an adult talent agency, and launching a trade magazine, consumer show, and craft services truck.

“We are also dating Zoe Voss,” AHF and Lawley said.

“Stuart and I have been discussing this ever since we met on a flight to Hell,” said AHF president Michael Weinstein. “And I don’t consider it ironic that the movie playing was a double bill of ‘Flight Attendants’ and “Not The Flintstones XXX.’”

“It was apparent to us that the adult industry has no idea what it’s doing and can’t think beyond its dwindling profit margins enough to mount any kind of defense against people like us,” Lawley said, twirling his moustaches. “But we are enamored of the screen stylings of James Bartholet, and think he and the reanimated corpse of Bill Margold would make an excellent Yogi/Boo Boo combination.”

Today’s announcement, made from the deck of AHF’s ship MV Reservoir Tip, was the culmination of years of the two entities’ maneuvering to gain control over the adult industry. The new production company will be called Dot Triple AIDS.

But the AHF/Lawley partnership was met with howls of protest from unorganized factions within Porn Valley…

To read more, visit: Gram Ponante

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Forty Acres and a MULE? Gee!

20 Jul

Enjoy this little clip featuring a reconstruction-period scenario that reflects our modern day topic as we build our website, creating educational videos and amassing links to press articles from within the adult and mainstream media since the beginning of this decade long drama.

Click the arrow below to see a little first shot across the bow video (satire, and meeting all prongs of Fair Use Haven in context of this website)…..

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